Creative Tapestry of Being Workshop-Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Presents: Breath…Body…Art…Soul…
Darlene Wolfe-Spiritual/Artful Facilitator
May 23rd, 2010-Sunday
Time: 1pm-4pm
Where: Edgar Cayce Center
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   A creative art workshop enhancing our awareness of wellness! 
In this multi-dimensional exhilarating fun workshop we engage our creative self-expression enhancing our awareness of deeply connecting with the natural internal rhythms for our health and well-being. This core creative essence weaves a greater connection to our spiritual presence tapping into the boundless potential for self growth, clarity and joy. We transform, nurture and awaken our soul’s authentic voice and share with others, co-creating a life of inspiration!
In this 3hr. creative arts workshop you will explore meditation/breathing exercises, spontaneous dance/movement to enhance emotional, cognitive and physical integration. Through this process of becoming grounded and centered in our mind, body and spirit we will create a Mandala drawing for visual exploration. Experiencing these artful modalities, we give ourselves a gift to embrace the sacred creative energy within and weaving this essence in the wondrous tapestry we call life!
No Artistic Experience….Just a Curious Nature to Explore!!

 Darlene Wolfe has been enjoying for over 15yrs engaging with children and adults teaching art classes and staff development workshops. She is completing her Certificate of Creative Art Therapy through the New School for Social Research this semester.Simultaneously, while exploring her spirituality she  realized the interconnectedness of the creative arts and spirituality as a way of living life. She is always inspired to share her insights with her community through her workshops, classes, retreats and seminars. She also enjoys sharing her talent as an intuitive tarot reader.

Darlene is a visionary self-taught artist that has shown nationally and internationally.