Creative Tapestry of Being presents….”Art & Soul” Workshop March 9th, 2013

Presents: Art and Soul Workshop
Darlene Wolfe-Artful Facilitator
A creative art workshop enhancing our awareness of wellness!
When: Saturday, March 9th, 2013
Time: 12:30-3:30pm
Cost: $50.00-Early Bird Special til
Feb. 27th after- $60.00
Where: Studio- 498 Court St.
Between: Nelson & Luquer St. Brooklyn, NY 11231
Sign-up via email: or call 646 427-4110
Payment: Cash, Check or Credit Card (via- paypal)
(all art materials included in workshop)

In this 3hr. creative arts workshop you will explore meditation/vocal chakra toning, spontaneous dance/movement to enhance emotional, cognitive and physical integration for deep relaxation. Through this process of becoming grounded and centered in our mind, body and spirit we will engage in a spontaneous visual art exercise tapping into our intuitive imagination. Experiencing these artful modalities, we give ourselves a gift to embrace the sacred creative energy within and weaving this essence in the wondrous tapestry we call life!

In This Multi Dimensional Workshop You Will:

*release tension to feel relaxation on all levels

*awaken & expand your innate creativity~we all are creative!

*increase your intuition & instincts

*gain awareness into connecting with your passion & purpose in life

*overcome challenges

*increase confidence

*improve energy

*enjoy being in the present moment

Look forward to you participating in this upcoming workshop, feel free to pass on to friends and family!!!

No Artistic Experience Necessary just a Curious Open Heart!!
Contact Art Facilitator Darlene @: for Signing up for workshop today~catch that EARLY BIRD SPECIAL~GIVE AS A GIFT CERTIFICATE!!!


Creative Tapestry of Being~ Art & Soul Workshop


Art & Soul Workshop
Saturday~June 11th, 2011
Where: Spark Center-Manhattan

161w 22nd St.

(btw: 6th ave. & 7th ave.)

Cost: Early Bird Special-$50 by June 5th.

$60 after June 5th.

Sign up: email:

Or Call: 646 427-4110

 You are invited to invest in some nurturing time for yourself as we move towards this spring season. 
 Please join me and others in this workshop to delve into the qualities of simply nurturing ourselves through meditation/vocal toning to free form dance/movement and spontaneous painting!

 In this 3 1/2hr. workshop everyone will express in their own unique way! We each will tune into our core essence to self express throughout this workshop and it is cherished and honored in a nurturing environment.

 This multi dimensional workshop you will

*release tension and enhance into deep relaxation

*awaken & expand your innate creativity~we all are creative!

*increase your intuition & instincts

*gain awareness into connecting with your passion & purpose in life

*overcome challenges

*increase confidence

*improve energy

 *enjoy being in the present moment without expectations

 Art & Soul Workshop Description:

Through aspects of vocal toning you are truly nurturing yourself by creating an inner vibrational massage assisting to align with all aspects of your being in harmony with your mind, body and spirit.
The creative dance/movement experience gives you an opportunity to listen to your body, the music, the mood and respond in the present moment. This allows you to be in your own flow of movement without judgment or constraints. By letting go and moving freely to the vibrational sounds as we merge our body and mind to spontaneously express our unique essence to groove of the music!
After we will delve into spontaneous painting that combines the sensuousness of liquid motion and color that lulls you into a mild trance. You begin to relax and melt away emotional blocks to surrendering control and allowing a more playful experience. This puts you in touch with your unique powerful imagery there by expressing your innate wisdom to unfold before you in a gentle and insightful process.

 Please join us in this wonderful and fun workshop were we simple nurture our selves through the essence of creative expression that is our birth right!

What others have experienced in Art & Soul Workshop:

~ Joann:”In this workshop it was nice to take the time to reconnect with myself and being guided into my deepest self.”

 ~ Judy: “I worked on areas of grief & relationship issues around my heart chakra. It also gave me something I took with me after a reminder of how to slow down and access how I feel!”

~Margie: “I felt relaxed while I was painting because of the dance movements we did ahead of it, I felt less inhibited!”

 ~Barbara: “In meditation I felt a sense of sadness of letting go of the old and embracing the new, alone. Through painting I see how the focus is on me. I need to nurture myself and then I can be more than I am. Excellent workshop a great way to connect with self!”

~About Art Facilitator: Darlene Wolfe

Darlene Wolfe has been enjoying for over 15yrs engaging with children and adults teaching art classes and staff development workshops. Volunteers time assisting children with autism at Mercy Homes Creative Art/Music Therapy Program. She has completed her Certificate of Creative Art Therapy through the New School for Social Research.Simultaneously, while exploring her spirituality she realized the interconnectedness of the creative arts and spirituality as a way of living life. She is always inspired to share her insights with her community through her workshops, classes, retreats and seminars. She also enjoys sharing her talent as an intuitive tarot reader. Darlene is a visionary self taught artist that has shown nationally and internationally.

Look forward to having you join in my Art & Soul Workshop on June 11th!!

Best Wishes Always,

Creative Tapestry of Being